Dump Truck Professional (DTP) Certification Program

The Georgia Construction Aggregate Association (GCAA) Dump Truck Professional (DTP) is a unique training program with a focus on dump truck drivers and their companies who provide transportation services within the quarry industry of Georgia.  This program has been developed to bring the trucker and the quarry operator together to achieve higher performance standards and a safer work environment.


Who can participate in the program?

Anyone can participate.  It is open to everyone and does not require GCAA membership.
DTP certification has additional requirements, including the following items.Valid CDL

  • Valid DOT Medical Card
  • Drug & Alcohol-Free While on Duty
  • Completion of the DTP Training Program

What is covered in the program?

The DTP program consists of 5 training modules that have been recognized as the most critical topics relating to the interaction between dump trucks, quarry operations, communities and the travelling public.  Each module is followed by a test to ensure that the participant has reached an acceptable understanding of the materials.

DTP Modules

  • Safety
  • Community Relations
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Legal Compliance & Business Ethics
  • Motor Carrier Compliance

What does it mean to be “certified”?

Drivers who complete the DTP training program will have the opportunity to become “certified” by GCAA.  Any driver who is certified by GCAA will be recognized by the industry as a driving professional who operates with the utmost regard for safety and compliant with industry requirements.  All certified drivers will be issued a wallet card identifying their status.

In addition, a company is certified when 100% of its drivers have taken the program.  Certified drivers and companies alike will be recognized by all of GCAA’s aggregate producers.