Awards Program

GCAA Eagle Awards Program

The Eagle Award program is designed to acknowledge the efforts of individual quarry locations. It is not a company-wide program but focuses on the activities of an individual location.  In addition to the awards for quarry locations, there is an award to acknowledge the exceptional industry involvement of an individual.

The Eagle Award for Individual Recognition is open to all membership divisions. The award is to acknowledge an industry person who has consistently made important contributions to the aggregate industry. Any GCAA member may submit a person for recognition. The GCAA Executive committee will make the final selection.

The Safety Award has an objective standard that is based on data reported to MSHA. The basis of the selection is the operation that has worked with no reportable incidents in the prior calendar year. In the event of a tie, the location with the longest time period without a reportable incident will be selected. There is a Large Quarry and Small Quarry award. The Large Quarry is based on operating over 36,000 man-hour in the calendar year. The tabulation for this award will be made by the GCAA office.

The Community Involvement Award looks at the activities of an individual quarry location that demonstrates a comprehensive approach to community involvement and environmental sustainability. The individual quarry may be implementing a corporate program but the selection will be based on the specific activities of the individual location. For this award, we utilize individuals or groups not directly employed by the industry to evaluate the submittals.  This allows for the maximum objectivity in the selection process. The award presentations will be made at the General Session  during the Annual Midyear Meeting.

<< Request for Eagle Award Submissions for 2024 will be sent out in December 2023 <<

–    Community Involvement Application 
–    Individual Award Application
–    Safety Award Guidelines
–    All Award Guidelines


 2024 Eagle Awards will be presented during the Annual Midyear Meeting on  June 21, 2024 at Ponte Vedra Inn & Club, Ponte Vedra, FL